Quality Cancer Care Alliance

Oct 28, 2016 by AdminNJCC

New Jersey Cancer Care & Blood Disorders is a proud member of Quality Cancer Care Alliance (QCCA). It is the first clinically integrated national network in oncology dedicated to developing better methods for delivering improved outcomes in all aspects of cancer care.

As the name so aptly conveys, the ultimate goal is to improve the overall quality of care by coordinating and sharing the most effective therapies, treatments, diagnostics, and the very latest research in the service of all of our patients.

Each of the medical practices that make up the alliance is focused on providing the highest quality care, and to providing a broad range of advanced clinical trials for their patients.

Helping each other to benefit all of our patients

Working jointly together toward common goals means QCCA can marshal greater resources, leveraging the collective knowledge, research, experience, and expertise of each member practice toward achieving specific objectives across the entire spectrum of cancer care.

The efforts of the national alliance are primarily focused on helping its member practices flourish by providing them not only with the very latest medical research, but also by encouraging better business models, helping increase practice efficiencies, and promoting financial advantages.

QCCA is comprised of a group of carefully selected affiliated practices stretching across the continental United States and Hawaii. The group works seamlessly together to achieve its common objectives of improving care and delivering consistently better outcomes by:

  • Sharing Knowledge and Collaborating – the network supports its practice members by sharing real-time information about the newest treatment options, latest clinical trials, care coordination and management services, and contracting support aimed at developing better methods for delivering improved outcomes across all aspects of cancer care
  • Providing Patients Local Access to Transformative Clinical Trial Designs – QCCA works to offer clinical trials based on personalized tumor signatures allowing physicians to choose targeted, leading-edge therapies and clinical trials based on the individual profile of the patient’s disease
  • Adhering to Value-Based Cancer Care Guidelines – helping to control the costs of care is also a huge objective of QCCA. The alliance is continuously working with insurers and self-funded employers on cost containment measures while always striving to improve patient outcomes across its network of member practices, and beyond

Bringing better cancer care close to home

Obviously, cancer care is best when it is delivered locally in the patient’s own community. Patients should not be inconvenienced or feel that they have to travel great distances in order to receive the absolute best care. The independent practitioners who comprise QCCA provide technologically advanced care in a personal and intimate setting right in the neighborhoods and communities they serve.

At New Jersey Cancer Care and Blood Disorders, we recognize that the field of oncology is ever evolving with breakthrough research and new and more effective treatment options becoming available every day. That is why we are proud to join with our distinguished partner-practices in QCCA to work toward improving the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer.

Working together with other renowned medical leaders from across the country, sharing the very latest information and data in real-time, allows us to provide better, world-class cancer treatment with an unsurpassed level of compassion and personal attention benefiting our patients and their families here in the community where we all live and work together.

QCCA Recently Launched IQ Oncology to Further Develop Our Nationally Integrated Network. We’re proud to be part of that network. 

(Newswire • Puyallup, Washington • April 1, 2019)

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